30 Day Plank Challenge

A fun way to achieve your plank challenge in just 30 days! Download the app now and meet Marin who will coach you along this 30 days challenge.

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Challenge yourself!

This is the ultimate 30 day plank challenge wherever you are.

  • Your Coach Marin

    Marin is a certified fitness instructor who loves to coach and challenge anybody seeking health and happiness. Her good advices, motivation and her smile will make you achieve this 30 days plank challenge in no time!

  • Free Download

    Download the Plank Challenge Me App and get your first WEEK of plank videos for FREE. What are you waiting for? Let's get started now!

  • Unlock full version

    If you are satisfied with your first week of videos, unlock day 8 to day 30 for only $3.99 and get rid of the advertising videos. (unlimited)

  • So simple and fun

    Planking has never been so fun although challenging to achieve. You just have to put your mobile on the floor in front of you and follow your coach. You will be surprised to see how strong you will become in only one month!

Key features

Discover some features included in the Plank Challenge Me App

Notification to workout

You can set a reminder each day to plank with Marin. Once you are done with your plank challenge you can reset the program to start again in the future when you feel the need or envy!

HD videos

Enjoy HD videos of Marin making plank challenge with you. There is also a high quality sound and a timer shown on the screen of each video.

Only 30 days!

Marin will be there every step of the way to support you. There is a calendar showing where you are at. In the end you will be proud of yourself once you achieve this 30 day goal.

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30 Day Plank Challenge ?

One of the best core exercises out there is the plank. It forces you to stabilize your body, engaging your entire core — not just the exterior abs that you see in the mirror. This means your obliques, or all-around abs (where you’ll find those love handles), and transversus abs (the deepest layer) will tighten up. Plus, you'll work your shoulders and your legs at the same time. A strong core is the foundation to a strong body. Having a strong core will make you a better runner, surfer, or yogi (or whatever activity you like to do) while improving your posture and balance. Working your core can also protect you from low back pain — and yes, it’ll tone your abs, too.

  • Strengthens lower back
  • Protects against injuries and can be done anywhere!
  • Easy-to-follow 30-day plank challenge that will get you results quickly.
  • Develops core muscles – which include the abs, back, hips and glutes.

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